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Shechter II is the Hofesh Shechter Company professional development programme for the next generation of emerging artists aged 18-25 – a company of young dancers selected every two years and representing the most exceptional world-class dancers from across globe.

Shechter II is not just about performance – it’s a full programme of professionally aligned research and development which aims to develop young dance artists who deeply understand their practice, who are engaged, curious and who embrace self-reflection.

I grew a lot as a dancer, but also I had a lot of mental and emotional growth. It was powerful and interesting in that sense. It made me grow more as an artist in the work. I learned about life….that it’s not just what you see on the outside. This will help me a lot in the next place I go to – knowing myself more fully…how I work with people, how I see myself…” – Rosalia Panepinto, Shechter II dancer 2020

“I am so happy that I did this year – I don’t believe that any other company could have given me a similar experience. I am so grateful for all of you who make this possible – the team, Hofesh, Bruno & Ming, the colleagues who are now my dearest friends – we are a little touring family. What a total blessing this year has been and wow… how MUCH have I learnt.” – Chanel Vyent, Shechter II dancer 2022

The programme offers an extraordinary proximity to the workings and practices of a major international dance company, working closely with renowned choreographer, Hofesh Shechter, and touring the UK and Europe with a recreation of his most renowned works, while at the same time providing the support and underpinning that ensures heightened professional readiness.

Launched in 2018, Shechter II attracted critical acclaim and won the Prix de la Critique award for Best Performers at Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, where they staged 29 sold-out performances over two seasons of Hofesh Shechter’s SHOW. In 2020, 10 dancers marked the 10th anniversary of Shechter’s acclaimed classic Political Mother by reaching new online audiences through the live streams of POLITICAL MOTHER UNPLUGGED – invoking the ferocity and spirit of the original for a new era and compassing digital animation. The pandemic initially meant a more digital experience for this cohort of Shechter II dancers, resulting in Political Mother: The Final Cut, a captivating short film, created and directed by Hofesh. The film was live-streamed from Battersea Arts Centre, London in July 2021, to a global audience, over 3 nights, to huge acclaim and was recently named Grand Winner 2023 for Best Dance Film at Cannes World Film Festival.

Shechter II’s third edition of 8 dancers unleased the intensity of Hofesh’s ensemble work in 2022 with Contemporary Dance 2.0 – A rhythmic, fiercely energetic and exhilarating performance featuring an eclectic sound-score with euphoric feel and throbbing beats. This work achieved global recognition by reaching 35,000 audiences internationally, including 25 sell- out performances in Paris and at festival weekends of the National Theatre’s River Stage, Latitude and Lowlands Festivals.    

In 2024 the next Shechter II 2024 programme will run from January 2024 to January 2025 and will involve a period of creation and rehearsal, followed by touring in the UK and internationally. Alongside this, the company is delighted to announce a new professional development offer – Jerwood 🖤 SII – funded by the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund.  This will provide a rolling programme of discovery including studio time with another choreographer; a fund for dancers to explore specific research ideas; dedicated time with a dance scientist; teaching skills development; and self-promotion and preparation for the transition to a professional career.    

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Jerwood Foundation

Jerwood Foundation was established in 1977 by Alan Grieve, CBE for John Jerwood. In 1991, after Jerwood’s death, Alan Grieve became chairman of the Foundation which to date has donated over £110 million to support the arts in the UK. In 2023 the Foundation merged with Jerwood Charity (Jerwood Arts) and at this time Alan Grieve was appointed Chairman Emeritus and Rupert Tyler was appointed Chairman. To find out more about Jerwood Foundation, visit jerwood.org