The Other One

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“Anybody who gets involved with us, whether by watching a performance or taking part in a workshop or residency…I want to take them on a trip, invite them into our world for a little while. I don’t want them to sit back and be entertained. I want them to feel they are part of something bigger. Let’s dive in and do this together.” –  Hofesh

Find out how our productions come into life, hear from the creative team and understand the inspiration behind Hofesh’s pieces.

Resource Packs: We create comprehensive resource packs designed to support all teachers, students or anyone who are intrigued in the work Hofesh makes.

Our resources are free to download and are packed with insights from Hofesh, his collaborators, dancers and production team. Every resource pack contains interviews, breakdown study sections with exclusive footage for use in the studio, together with ideas for both practical and written work. Designed in collaboration with Heads of Dance and their students at two of our Dancer Hub partnership schools.