University of Kingston

“This partnership came about through HSC’s wish to make some links into the Further Education sector by making a partnership with a university and investing some resources by working with dance students there. This desire coincided with an identical (and timely!) request from the Senior Dance Lecturer at the University to work with a company over a period of time, embedding the work of a choreographer into their syllabus. This project proved to be the start of a partnership now heading into its 3rd year. We are delighted to be continuing our work with the Dance Department at the University.”
– Lucy Moelwyn-Hughes, HSC Participation Producer

Through a jointly devised project, our dancers delivered a series of Political Mother repertory workshops to second year students focusing on an agreed extract from one of Hofesh’s pieces.

Following these repertoire sessions, the students were assessed by the Dance Faculty of the university and one of our dancers.

"Our partnership with Hofesh has been a huge success, and evolved wonderfully each year throughout our partnership."
Maria Tsiatsiani, Senior Lecturer of Dance (Kingston University)