The Art of Not Looking Back

Performed by Hofesh Shechter Company
Choreography and Music by Hofesh Shechter
Lighting Design by Lee Curran
Costume Design by Becs Andrews
Additional music included Excerpt from Litany IV from Six Litanies For Heliogabalus composed by John Zorn, performed by Mike Patton, solo voice used with the kind permission of Tzadik recordings.

Commissioned by Brighton Festival, The Art of Not Looking Back is a piece by Hofesh inspired by, and made for, the world-class female dancers of the Hofesh Shechter Company. Physical, complex and unrelenting Hofeshs favoured theme of man against the world is presented in a different and entrancing light.

Original cast: Eulalia Ayguade Farro, Winifred Burnet-Smith, Victoria Hoyland, Yen-Ching Lin, Sita Ostheimer, Ino Riga

The Art of Not Looking Back premiered at Brighton Festival 2009.


"A muscular undulation of bodies, artfully convulsing with lots of fluid floorwork and raw rhythmic drive" - The Times

"An unflinching spectator of his own pain, he twists it into something feral and alive" The Observer

"As always with Shechter, the rhythm of the choreography is riveting, meticulously judged" - The Guardian

"Just when you think you’ve got the measure of Hofesh Shechter he throws something unexpected and apt into the mix" - The Times


The Art of Not Looking Back was commissioned by Brighton Festival 2009.