Sharon Watson And Hofesh Shechter Nscd And Hsc Partnership

Hofesh Shechter Company and Northern School of Contemporary Dance Announce New Partnership


Hofesh Shechter Company is delighted to announce a new partnership with Northern School of Contemporary Dance, as part of a joint commitment to increasing diversity and equal opportunities within the dance sector.

Sharon Watson MBE, CEO and Principal of NSCD, said:

“The relationship being developed with Hofesh Shechter Company and Northern School of Contemporary Dance has the potential to be exemplary and impactful for our young people and the wider dance sector. Now, perhaps more than ever, there is a need for leaders of organisations to be resilient, creative, inclusive, and flexible in order to address multiple challenges, and to identify new opportunities. Leaders are in a position to influence through their organisation. To bring about openness and address inequalities often experienced by Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities, we need to work with allies to address the necessary changes we would like to see. Embracing diversity is an action and I am delighted we are building on partnerships which deliver on this purpose’.  

Speaking about the new partnership, Hofesh Shechter commented:

I soon realised that being engaged in conversations about the lack of diversity in our profession is one thing… helping to do something about it in reality is another – a much harder task and a much more important one. 

“My company will work slowly and steadily with NSCD over the coming years with a carefully considered plan, supporting their already inspiring work in this area.  Aligning elements of our own extensive participation and apprentice programmes, with those of the school, to have an impact on young people’s lives from diverse backgrounds and to inspire, by creating opportunities and a clearer path of progression this is exactly where I want to put mine and my company’s energy and commitment. I feel hopeful and patient to see it grow a new generation.”

The special relationship will see both organisations working closely together to develop a multi-stranded programme of activity. Comprising pre-vocational and community outreach, activity with current Higher Education students at NSCD and professional development and mentoring opportunities, the work will engage young people at all stages of their journeys into the wider profession.